Colombian Supremo

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The Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans offer a mellow cup, with complex aromas and rich flavors. This Colombian Supremo is identical to the Colombian Excelso in flavor, with the only difference being that these 100% Arabica beans are larger in size. The beans form any single tree may end up classified partly as Supremo, and partly as Excelso. Once the whole-bean coffee is ground, they're identical.

  • Altitude: 1200-2000 meters above sea level
  • Harvest: September - December
  • Processing: Washed, Sun Dried
  • Aroma: Soft
  • Flavor: Sweet/Caramel, Tart, Fruity
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Bright

Price is for 1 lb (16 oz/454 grams) of whole bean coffee. Ground coffee goes stale quickly so we don’t bother offering it. Our coffee is carefully roasted and bagged to order. Please allow time for custom roasting.

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