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Our top 5 feel-good luxury loose teas have each been packaged in beautiful glass vials with a stamped cork top, alongside a bundle of 100% organic Saigon cinnamon sticks, and presented in a crystal clear top gift box with gold loop. Every tea in this beautiful sampler set is all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and dairy free, making this product a wonderful gift of self-care for anyone.

Luxury Wellness Teas included are as follows:

  • Winter Cherry (Anti-Anxiety & Relaxation, 20 g): This is our #1 luxury loose tea! Our Winter Cherry tea is craft-blended with cut and sifted Ashwagandha root. This tisane has easy-going written all over it. This natural anti-anxiety tea is made from ayurveda herbs to help you stay calm. Scientifically known as Withania somnifera, Ashwagandha has long been heralded as a relaxation aid by practitioners of Ayurveda, India's traditional medicine. In this luscious tisane, we've taken this ancient herb and blended it with a rich combination of dried fruit pieces, leaves, and flower petals to fill out the flavor and add an additional boost of antioxidants. We then added 100% all-natural flavoring for a gentle layer of sweet cherry. The next time you're feeling like a soulful boost of flavor, this is the one to reach for - a perfect cup of harmony.

  • Golden Glow (Beauty & Skin, 29 g): Unless you're lucky enough to live in Southern California or the Australian Gold Coast, getting that all-over warm golden glow can be tough. Thankfully, for those of us in colder, less sunny climes, we've prepared a concoction of spices, fruits and vegetables to give your sun-starved skin the boost it needs. This luscious potpourri of flavors and aromas builds on a number of ingredients sought after by herbalists and natural health practitioners for their positive effect on the skin. (Interestingly, skin is the largest organ of the body, weighing in at an average of 8 lbs!) Let's take a look at a few of the key ingredients: 

    Ginger: Thought to protect against aging and improve elasticity of the dermis (skin). 
    Turmeric: Said to possess anti-inflammatory qualities that calm overactive pores. 
    Carrots: Packed with beta-carotene - an antioxidant that repairs skin tissue. 
    Beets: High in folate, beets are said to stimulate the repair of skin cells. 

    We've taken this potent combo of Mother Nature's bounty and blended it with all-natural fruit flavors for a cup that'll make you feel like you've hit the beach at high summer. All that's missing is a beach umbrella. Simply divine.

  • Bamboo Chamomile (Hair & Nails, 10 g): Taking tisanes for specific purposes, such as strengthening your hair and nails, is nothing new. Since practically the dawn of time, herbalists, druids, shaman, natural medicine practitioners, Ayurvedic adherents and more have sought out special herbs and plants known for their healing and restorative qualities. So, it is, with Hair + Nails Bamboo Camomile tisane. While many of us might associate bamboo with pandas or furniture, bamboo is actually a great natural source of silica, a micronutrient that is crucial for the healthy growth and development of our bodies. In fact, silica is used by every single cell in our bodies to promote growth. Think about when you were younger, or if you have young people in your life. Typically, young people have lush, silky hair, soft skin and perfect nails. Why? When we're young, our bodies start out with large amounts of silica that deplete as we age. As it goes, our hair loses its radiance, our nails lose their shine and our skin loses its luster - such is life. Thankfully, we can do something about it. This fragrant, caffeine-free tisane of bamboo leaves, blended with chamomile (a frequent additive to shampoos due to its ability to add shine to hair), pineapple and cornflowers offers a delicious way to up your intake of silica. Brew a cup, take a sip and give your body the boost it needs.

  • Cleanse & Refresh (Detox & Metabolism Booster, 14 g): Nurturing yourself is downright delicious with our award-winning detox tea that supports a healthy diet and lifestyle. Show your body some love & enjoy this amazing teatox containing Ginger, Licorice, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Dandelion leaves, Burdock root, Rose petals, Elder flowers & Safflower petals. Our teatox aids your body in cleansing and purifying itself of toxins and waste; boosts your metabolism and energy level, helps get rid of excess water, and reduces stress while still tasting great. Consisting of only the finest tea, spices and herbs, Cleanse & Refresh helps the body by charging the metabolism, promoting proper digestion, and aiding in the optimization of the digestive tract. Modern life, in many ways, is toxic. We take for granted that much of our day-to-day isn't always great for the body, spirit and mind. From air pollution to alcohol, processed food to smartphones, our bodies are bombarded by negative inputs every time we leave the house. No wonder the news is filled with stories about people stepping back to go on a cleanse - our brains and bodies need a break! Cleanse & Refresh is an herbal tea with detoxification in mind. Borrowing from the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Native American remedies and sacred herbology, we've sourced a list of ingredients that reads like a what's what of detoxifying herbs. Let's examine them: Tulsi, commonly known as holy basil, is not only a source of Vitamin K, important for transporting calcium through the body, it is also said to aid the digestive system and promote weight loss. Licorice is also said to relieve digestive issues, along with ginger and Burdock root, considered by some natural health practitioners, to function as twin powerhouses when it comes to easing nausea. Additionally, Cleanse & Refresh also incorporates a selection of antioxidant rich flower petals, including Dandelion, said to aid in cleansing the liver. 

  • Skinny Lullaby (Weight & Sleep Management, 12 g): A natural calming tea to soothe your nervous system and encourage a more restful mind and body. This is a great afternoon and night time tea that contains a combination of safe and delicious herbs used for generations to promote sleep, relaxation, and tranquility. Not only just a great stress relief aid when you need to unwind, this soothing detox tea promotes weight loss, helps reduce uncomfortable bloating, and improves digestion while flushing toxins from the body. Research suggests that one of our key ingredients, rose hip, may aid weight loss. Studies show that rose hips from the Rosa canina plant are high in an antioxidant called tiliroside, which may have fat-burning properties. Rose hip is rated as one of the top teas to help lose weight & belly fat. A healthy body starts with proper sleep and reducing stress. Help reduce stress with our calming tea that includes Rooibos Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Valerian Root and more. Our blend promotes restful sleep and can help to reduce problems associated with insomnia and anxiety. 

Our Luxury Wellness Tea Sampler is all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and dairy free. Net Weight: 85 g. Makes 34 - 42 Cups.

Directions for Use:

Brewing Instructions: Warm the cup/pot with hot water. Pour freshly drawn boiling water over 1 rounded teaspoon (2.5 g) of leaves per cup and steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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