Honduras Fair Trade Organic

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Coffees grown in Honduras, which borders Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, generally having tasting notes describing them as full-bodied with a sweet and mild taste. Much of the coffee grown in Honduras historically was fairly unremarkable and often used as a base in coffee blends, however it has emerged as a force in its own right in coffee reviews in recent years and is often sought after.

  • Growing Altitude: 1100 – 1650 meters above sea level
  • Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuai, Pacas
  • Harvest Period: November – April
  • Milling Process: Washed, Patio Dried
  • Aroma: Vanilla, Hazelnut
  • Flavor: City, Chocolatey, Nutty
  • Body: Round, Medium
  • Acidity: Soft and Balanced

Price is for 1 lb (16 oz/454 grams) of whole bean coffee. Ground coffee goes stale quickly so we don’t bother offering it. Our coffee is carefully roasted and bagged to order. Please allow time for custom roasting.

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