Cuba Turquino Lavada

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Cuba Turquino Lavada is a rich, complex coffee with a medium to full body and a clean, winey-flavor. It's a nice middle-ground coffee that isn't overly acidic or strong - works well as both an espresso and a coffee. While not certified organic, Cuba's trade embargoes prevent it from accessing agricultural chemicals and farmers make use of "insect ecology" in farming.

After a long hiatus, the Turquino coffee from Cuba is back! 100% Arabica beans that are grown between 2500-3900 feet. Despite Cuba's low mountains, it's climate still makes for great coffee-growing conditions. Beans are wet-processed and sun dried, then sorted electronically.

Price is for 1 lb (16 oz/454 grams) of whole bean coffee. Ground coffee goes stale quickly so we don’t bother offering it. Our coffee is carefully roasted and bagged to order. Please allow time for custom roasting.

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